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Lore of The Reborn: Dreamscape Edit

Leam is held in a hospital, away from the aftermath of a war that happened 5 years ago where the noble heroes failed to protect Dreamscapes from the darkness. No one goes outside the safety of the hospital, knowing that no one with powers can survive out there in Dreamscapes alone. But one day on Leam’s 16th birthday he receives a special gift from his fellow staff members, the ability to go outside

Creators Edit

The Reborn: Dreamscape is originally written by Zenli_18, but afterward was helped with co-writer, Eskaax, yet Dreamscape is illustrated and created by Zenli_18.

Zenli_18's comic is currently in the works as of now, but character wikis will be updated and submitted

Creator Edit

zenli_18 ( Owner )

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